New Minowa Players Logo Redesign

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Based in Decorah, Iowa, the community theatre organization began presenting shows in 1975 and since then has presented over 120 straight plays, musicals, reviews, cabarets, and melodramas in a variety of locations.​

In 2017, Alison was asked to join the Branding Committee, a subcommittee created by the New Minowa Player's board members. On this committee, Alison served as the visual brand expert and created this logo.

The logo symbol communicates the core message of the group which is creating a community through theatre. The symbol depicts three people standing with stage lights behind them. the color are representative of the New Minowa Players theatre building.

Software Used:

Logo: Adobe Illustrator; Brand Style Guide: Adobe InDesign

To view all the pieces in the series, click through the slideshow. Each image can be enlarged individually.