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Ocatagon Logo
Ocatagon Storefront
Ocatagon Poster
Ocatagon Letterhead
Ocatagon Business Cards


"The Octagon Center for the Arts is a non-profit community art organization located in downtown Ames Main Street Cultural District. The Octagon has been a cornerstone of the cultural scene in Ames since 1966. The Octagon serves more than 30,000 people annually through education classes and outreach programs, rotating exhibits, retail gallery shop, and special events such as the annual Octagon Art Festival. Come experience the arts at the Octagon!"

These pieces were created as part of a senior level graphic design studio at Iowa State. We were asked to choose a downtown business in Ames and recreate their logo & storefront. In addition, I continue to create other pieces for the new brand of the Octagon including a poster introducing the visit of Yulia Brodskaya. All pieces relating to her pretend visit to the center were taken from her website: Yulia Brodskaya.

The updated logo features an octagon at the center of the mark which is created by overlapping the triangles; the triangles symbolize the growth of the community’s experience with art through the gallery. Additionally, the triangles create the octagon because the needs of the community shape what is offered at the gallery. The rotating ability depicts the constantly changing exhibitions within the building.